Smt. Padma Talwalkar is considered to be one of the foremost exponents of Hindustani vocal music today. Her music, which combines feeling or “bhav” with technical brilliance, takes the listener to an almost ethereal plane.

We plan to make some of Padmatai’s performances, the ones that will give the listener a flavour of her gayaki, available to her fans around the world.

My Guru Padmatai

My first meeting with Padmatai dates back to 1990. I was keen to learn classical music and accompanied my mother to her place. Padmatai clearly told my mother that she would not teach me immediately. I would have to go and listen first, and then she would decide whether to teach me. I have learned a very important lesson there & then. To learn any skill or the entire process of learning, be it anything requires tremendous patience, perseverance, ambition, selfless love to take in the knowledge and above all faith and trust in your guru (Teacher).

After about two years Padmatai started teaching me. My voice had lot of limitations and without keeping me in the dark, she advised me to keep learning music but not make a career of it. She was firm that I think of something else as a career choice. This is Padmatai, clear in her views, never afraid to speak the truth, loving her students and helping them to understand there plus points as well as limitations.

She is a powerhouse of talent. Her dedication to her art is amazing. She is totally immersed in her ‘Riyaaz’, not counting the hours, trying out new combinations, studying the nuances of different Ragas. Her soulful renditions have always left everyone spellbound.

Her thirst for knowledge is unending. Padmatai epitomizes simple living and high thinking. She is my ideal woman and a great Guru.

The word superwoman would be more apt as she balances all her roles with an ease and is a great inspiration to all specially her students.

Every woman should be independent, find her own dreams and have a willingness to chase them. Padmatai held these views then still does till date. Twenty years of knowing her, has been a great experience. Along with imparting the knowledge of Music she has guided me at each step in life and like a mother has trained me in the various aspects of being a woman.

I may not meet her very often but my feelings towards her are just the same. She has changed the course of my life. Padmatai is my inspiration and I am indebted to her forever. The motherly love and her teaching as a Guru etched in my life forever. May god keep showering blessings on her and may she always get the best life has to offer.

I am blessed to have a Guru like Padmatai.

Shrutika (Varsha) Lagoo
Opera House,